Basic Differences between Arabica Coffee and Robusta Coffee

The difference between arabica and robusta can be seen from the following things:

Arabica is more popular than Robusta.
Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora.
Planting Robusta is easier.
Robusta is more resistant to pests.
Arabica coffee bean size larger.
The aroma and taste of arabica are richer.
The caffeine content of Robusta is twice as much.
Robusta is more suitable to be mixed with milk.
Robusta’s price is cheaper.

Two types of coffee that have often been heard by lay people, namely Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee. Do you know what is the basic difference between the two?

Most people say robusta is more bitter than arabica which tends to be more acidic. Yes, that is indeed one of the many differences between the two. There are still some differences that may not be known by everyone.

For that, we present some information relating to what are the differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee. Hopefully. it can broaden your horizons so that you don’t just sip it, but also recognize the character of the type of coffee you drink. Check out the following review.

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