Rapidfire Ketogenic High Performance Instant Coffee Mix, Supports Energy and Metabolism, 15 Servings, brown, 7.93 ounce (pack of 1)

  • Price : 14.97

Rapid Fire Ketogenic Coffee is a full-bodied, slow-roasted, phenomenal all-in-one instant beverage which incorporates the right kinds of healthy fatty acids (and their numerous nutritional benefits) into your diet. Crafted with coconut oil, MCTs and grass-fed butter, this contains a touch of Himalayan salt to create an even more delicious brew for whenever you need it. It is also loaded with natural antioxidants, fat-fighting chlorogenic acid, and a host of xanthines to help supercharge your day and your health-conscious efforts as a whole. Plus as part of both traditional and Ketogenic diets, MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) can easily be converted into fuel (in the form of ketones) as a major source of vital energy-boosting for the body, all while reducing the need for extra carbohydrates and helping curb large-appetite cravings. This super creamy, innovative coffee promotes a healthier, lower-carb lifestyle, is fresh-tasting and is available not just in resealable bags, but also in canisters and individual servings pods. This coffee includes 15 servings. Rapid Fire is part of Windmill Health Products and offers a full range of functional, nutritional selections that offer multiple health benefits that are ready-to-mix, easy-to-use, and incorporate well within your active lifestyle. Rapid Fire formulas are carefully-crafted blends of clinically-studied ingredients that not only support well-being, but are also sure to satisfy your taste buds. These formulas are offered in a variety of convenient options to help keep you going and ultimately feeling your best. These benefits are only the beginning, whether you're incorporating them into a ketogenic diet or another type of diet, of the advantages of Rapid Fire.

  • Delicious instant Ketogenic Coffee mix that helps to provide numerous functional benefits along with a creamy, great tasting cup of coffee.
  • Includes Grass-Fed Butter and MCT Oil to help you adhere to a low-carb ketogenic diet. These ingredients are designed to help you burn stored body fat as an energy source
  • Rapid Fire Ketogenic Coffee also helps you burn calories and provides a feeling of fullness to aid in a weight loss diet
  • Easy-to- mix creamy Rapid Fire Ketogenic Coffee powder is delicious to drink whether served hot or cold!
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